A Family Project


What truly makes Le Passage Mohkan Shan special is its origin as a family project– not a commercial venture– with lots of attention to the personal details that go into making a home.

Owners Christophe Peres and Pauline Lee discovered the tea plantation in February 2005 and immediately fell in love with it. Initially, they rented a small parcel of land and converted a barn into a weekend getaway. Two years later they began to build the main building as a country home to share with their three sons. It was only in 2009, after buying a larger parcel of the tea plantation, that they decided to turn their family project into an exclusive French Country House Hotel, open to guests.

Le Passage Mohkan Shan was entirely designed and built by Christophe and Pauline, who felt a responsibility to revive Moganshan’s 1930’s heritage and share it with their guests. They were especially careful to preserve the traditional architectural style of the hill station, blending Chinese and French cultures against the backdrop of a stunningly beautiful landscape.

The result is a simple and modernized version of a traditional Moganshan country house. With stone skirting, black roof tiles and white walls, it’s a tribute to the rapidly disappearing architectural heritage of the region.

In contrast, the interior of the hotel is designed in a French country-chic style with handmade cement tiles, white marble, old wood flooring, brass fittings, oak furniture, rattan chairs, leather sofas, embroideries and Debusson rugs.

Sophisticated and modern, but with a touch of nostalgia, Le Passage Mohkan Shan successfully recreates the slower lifestyle and savoir-vivre of the 1930’s. It represents Moganshan as a premiere tourist destination, returned to its former glory