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Wine cellar 酒窖

No trip to Le Passage is complete without a visit to our underground wine cellar. The cellar holds a wonderful selection of natural French wines, bought almost exclusively from small organic vineyards that use the principles of bio-dynamic wine-making, using little or no additives, sulfite or chemicals. Our own creation of pear brandy – Poire Pauline, distilled on site with no artificial additives, is also stored here. The wine cellar makes a perfect venue for a holding a small event and can accommodate up to 15 people.

造访莫干山里法国山居绝对不能错过我们的地下酒窖!这里珍藏了精选的法国天然葡萄酒,其供应商大多为采用生物机能酿酒法的法国小规模有机葡萄园,几乎不含添加剂、亚硝酸盐或化学品。酒窖中还收藏着我们自制的梨酒——Poire Pauline,这款酒取材于有机茶园中种植的莫干山梨,制于山居内,且无任何人工添加剂。酒窖最多可容纳15人,是举行小型聚会和活动的绝佳场所。

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Carte D’or Brut - NV, AOC Champagne 香槟

What could be a better way of celebrating the winter holidays, than a crisp glass of bubbly champagne? We’ll be toasting with our favourite champagne – Carte D’or Brut. The Drappier vineyards, hailing from the northeast of France, have been family run since 1808 and use cellars that were constructed by the monks of Clairvaux Abbey in the 12th Century. The Carte D’or Brut consists of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot and is well-balanced with citrus, mineral, and floral aromas. Here at Le Passage, we don't think you need an excuse to enjoy a great glass of Champagne.

还有什么要比一杯清爽的香槟更适合庆祝冬季的节日呢?我们特别提供最受欢迎的香槟- Carte D’or Brut为佳节祝酒。坐落于法国东北的Drappier葡萄园自从1808年建立以来,一直由家族经营,使用的酒窖是由12世纪Clairvaux Abbey的修道士建立。Carte D’or Brut含有黑皮诺、霞多丽、皮诺,富含柑橘、矿泉水和花香打造的丰富口感。在法国山居尽情享用香槟吧。

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Lobster, Oysters, and Caviar

Everyone loves a bit of decadence during the festive season. This month at the Armand David Restaurant, you can feast on lobster and fresh shucked oysters flown directly from France as well as fabulous caviar. These will be available as specials to add that 'gourmet' touch to your Christmas celebrations with us.

节庆佳节,谁不想以一顿饕餮盛宴犒赏一下自己。本月,在Armand David餐厅,您可以品尝到直接从法国空运来的龙虾和新鲜牡蛎,以及绝美的鱼子酱。这几道特色菜肴将为你的圣诞大餐锦上添花。

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Snow 雪景

When Moganshan is covered in a blanket of white, everything here at Le Passage becomes quite magical in the same way as snowflakes are. Snowflakes are actually made up of many tiny ice crystals which determine their shape and size along with temperature and wind speed. While most snowflakes are less than 1.3cm across, there have been records of a single snowflake as large as 38 cm in diameter! Although you probably won’t find any that large in Moganshan, we recommend a stay at Le Passage to experience one of the most peaceful and beautiful winter scenes in China.


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Making Foie Gras Terrine

French Christmas is not complete without foie gras terrine. During the month of December, not only can our guests enjoy this delicious treat at our French Christmas dinner hosted each Saturday evening, but they can learn how to make their own at the French Cooking School. Foie gras class will be held each Saturday at 2pm, taught by our in-house foie gras expert Fabienne, whose family were the first commercial exporters of foie gras. After a class with Fabienne, guests can return home to cook their own memorable gourmand French Christmas. Classes are 880RMB/person and as a wonderful reminder of a unique occasion, you will receive a Le Passage apron, recipe, diploma, and the foie gras terrine you made, in its very own beautiful earthenware dish serving up to three.


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Christmas festivities

December here at Le Passage is dedicated to Christmas festivities. Every weekend until Sunday 29nd December, we are offering a festive host of activities perfect for every member of the family. Father Christmas will be delivering gifts to all the little boys and girls staying and the French Cooking School will be in session teaching all students how to create festive dishes. Additionally, each Saturday evening adults can partake in a traditional French Christmas dinner while on Sunday, they can delight in a classic English Christmas lunch. After all, family and friends, food and wine, celebrations, treats and surprises are what Christmas is all about.


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Father Christmas

If you stay with us this month, you might notice we’ve added a new member to our staff. He’s very jolly, a bit plump, and loves to give gifts to our smaller guests. When not arranging packages near our Christmas tree or tending to the animals outside, you might find him in the fire side lounge reading letters from around the world while sneaking a bite of our homemade macaroons. Make sure you leave him out a treat on Friday night – he is partial to the odd cognac.



History 历史

In our backyard lies the “Valley of Fairies”, which is home to our working organic tea plantation. Robert Fortune, who is credited for popularising tea in the West, once visited Moganshan. “I was now fortunate enough to not only to find an extensive tea district, but also to be present when the natives were picking and preparing the leaves; which I found, on minute comparison, [that] the black and green tea that comes to England from the Northern provinces of China are made from the same species, and the difference of colour, flavour, etc, is solely the result of the different modes of preparation.” Perfect for warming up during winter, come try our own variations of black, green, and our speciality – yellow tea, which is harvested just beyond our pool!

我们的后院是“仙人坑”,这里是我们有机茶叶种植园。在西方推广茶叶的“Robert Fortune曾经拜访莫干山,“我真的是三生有幸,不仅找到了如此大的种茶区,还亲眼目睹了本地茶民采茶备茶的过程。我也因此发现从中国北方传到英国的绿茶和红茶正是同一品种,而颜色、口味等等的不同仅仅取决于不同的制茶工艺”。寒冷的冬季,何不来莫干山里法国山居细细品茗、暖暖身子?这里有红茶、绿茶、以及在我们池塘边采摘的独特黄茶供您细品。

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“ When I finally arrived at Le Passage, I was blown away. Sometimes the real thing can be even more beautiful than its pictures.”

-《 风景名胜》 (Business and Luxury Travel)

“A romantic Autumn, delighting in gourmet French cuisine, enjoying the antique rose garden, strolling hand in hand amongst the mountains, spending sweet moments with your lover, what a wonderful way to show someone you love them.”

-《大日子》 (Darizi)

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