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The French Cooking School 法式烹饪学校

Our eagerly anticipated French Cooking School is now in session. Classes take place each Saturday and upon request throughout the week and include all ingredients. Afterwards, guests can enjoy their own creations which are expertly paired with our own wine selection. It is located just next door to our kitchen and is perfect for individuals, couples and families looking to improve their culinary skills. For corporate events, our French Cooking School will provide a fun twist on traditional team building activities. Students will learn how to cook a variety of French and other Western cuisines taught by our very own Executive Head Chef, Jackie Chen and Fabienne Labeyrie, our in-house Foie Gras expert. Thinking ahead for a unique Christmas gift to give that special someone? Gift Certificates are available.

我们期待已久的法式烹饪学校现已开始授课。课程安排在每周六,我们也可根据需要在周中任何时间进行,我们备有全部的原料。课程后,顾客可以边品尝自己做的料理边享用我们精选的葡萄酒。授课地点紧邻我们的厨房,无论个人、情侣或是家庭,在此厨艺都能得到长进。若是举办公司活动,我们的法式烹饪学校也可提供诸多有趣的团队组建活动。从我们的行政主厨孟晨和鹅肝酱专家Fabienne Labeyrie那儿,您可以学到多种法式和其他西式菜肴的烹饪方法。想提前准备一份特殊的圣诞礼物赠予特别的那个人吗?烹饪礼券现已开始发售。

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Vignes de 1940 博若莱葡萄酒

In France, the third Thursday of November, or Beaujolais Nouveau Day, is always dedicated to the first Beaujolais sale of the year. Enjoy a bottle of red during November. We recommend the Vignes de 1940. Hailing from the Beaujolais region of France, just north of Lyon, Vignes de 1940 is made from 100% Gamay grapes from 60 year old vines. This wine is best kept for at least a year before it can deliver its full flavour.

在法国,11月的第3个星期四被称为Beaujolais Nouveau日,这通常是博若莱葡萄酒每年的第一个发售日。11月,让自己的味蕾享受一瓶醇香红酒吧,我们为您推荐来自法国里昂以北的博若莱地区的Vignes de 1940,它由100%的60年藤龄的加美葡萄酿制而成,需要至少一年来完善它的风味。

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Signature Breakfast

What could be better than waking up after a refreshing night sleep at Le Passage to a cup of piping hot coffee or tea and enjoying our signature breakfast? The Western option includes fresh croissants and pain au chocolate brought straight from the oven to your table, yoghurt ‘fait à la maison’, sausage and eggs to order, and sun-ripened tomatoes with crisp potatoes. The Chinese option offers delicate dim sum, steamed and presented in a bamboo basket, fresh fried youtiao, and soymilk. Even if you aren’t a morning person, you are going to want to wake up for this - it does last til 10.30am.


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Hedgehog 刺猬

While maybe not the most cuddly of animals, the long-eared hedgehogs are an important part of the eastern Chinese ecosystem. They can move much faster and are feistier than their West European cousins, keeping the owls and hawks that hunt them on their toes. Their iconic long ears give them an acute sense of hearing which helps them detect both predators and prey, including insects, beetles and worms. When first born, the long-eared hedgehog has very few spikes, or spines, but within five hours they have doubled the amount! While at Le Passage, look out for these small creatures while on an afternoon hike in the woods.


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Champagne tasting

Not only do we have the most fabulous French wine selection, our cellar is home to some well known and less known Champagnes. While at Le Passage, why not arrange a Champagne tasting. A perfect treat before dinner, our tastings can be tried in flights of three or six. We will explain what to look for in flavour, texture, and colour. To quote Dom Perignon after his first taste of Champagne, “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars.”

我们不仅有最棒的法国葡萄酒,我们的酒窖中也藏有许多知名或不那么知名的香槟。在法国山居逗留之际,何不品一品我们的香槟呢?作为餐前的完美享受,品酒时每组将有3到6种酒供您品尝。我们会向您介绍如何品鉴香槟的色泽、香气与口感。引用Dom Perignon在他第一次品尝我们香槟后说的话:“快来吧,我正在品尝星辰之味”。

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether you are a hotel resident or just in the Moganshan area, our Thanksgiving is not one to miss. On Thursday 28th November, we are hosting our own Thanksgiving Dinner with a meal designed specifically for the occasion by Executive Head Chef Jackie Chen. Enjoy the traditional American classics of roasted turkey, dressing and all the sides, pumpkin pie and chocolate delights. The meal will comprise five courses, each paired with a Californian wine. We recommend booking early.


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LeiLei and Icy
施冬蕾 郑文冰

Two of the most welcoming faces you’ll see when stepping into Le Passage are Leilei and Icy. They form our front desk team. Both have a relaxing, welcoming manner and love chatting with and assisting guests. Leilei grew up in Moganshan and enjoys hiking in the area. In fact, she lives so close that she can walk to work each day. Before arriving at Le Passage, Icy studied business English and worked in Shanghai for four years. When not booking reservations or advising guests on the best hiking routes in our backyard forests, you will find Leilei and Icy sipping hot black tea made from our organic huangya tea.



Zhou Qingyun’s Moganshan

On the wall behind our reception desk you will see a map taken from a popular book of its time, Moganshan Zhi, updated in 1936 by the author, Zhou Qingyun’s son. The map depicts the Moganshan area in the late 1930s. Zhou Qingyun was a late Qing Dynasty scholar involved in the metal, salt, and mineral industries, but was more interested in literature, history, paintings, and artifacts. He was a collector and author of many books and also wrote poetry about local history. It is through Zhou’s books, poetry and scholarly ways that we continue to learn more about the culture of Moganshan.


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Le Passage’s dining room with its French country style wooden tables has recently been full of storytellers. On my visit the head of Hermes in China came by, along with a senior figure from Pernod Ricard in Paris and one of Shanghai Tang’s co-founders. The glut of well-heeled visitors reflects the fact that Le Passage is a charming place to spend a weekend....the scenery is soft and magical, the bamboo forests so green and lyrical that it becomes obvious why these giant grasses have played such an important role in Chinese poetry and painting. Le Passage has also had no shortage of Chinese visitors, many of who are from the first generation of Chinese millionaires who are now keen to explore their own country.


“Once a playground for Shanghai’s elite, Le Passage Mohkan Shan hotel is a 28-room French country house with Chinese flourishes. The hotel has its own organic-tea plantation and features 12,000 rose bushes, while the cellar is stocked with organic French wines.”

-《丝路》 (SILKROAD)

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