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Bathrooms 浴室

You will never want to leave the bathrooms at Le Passage. They are the most stunning combination of comfort and function - contemporary style and classic touches. These range from the roll top, claw-foot bath to the state-of-the-art modern rainwater shower, and plantation shutters. The under floor heating is the ‘pièce de résistance’ with handmade cement tiles in a design unique to Le Passage. Guests think our bathrooms rank amongst the most original and comfortable they have experienced anywhere in the world!


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lepassagemoganshan_莫干山里法国山居_Domaine_ Jean_Noël_Gagnard - L'estimée

Domaine Jean-Noel Gagnard L'EstimÉe

Who doesn’t love a Chassange Montrachet? The estate Domaine Jean-Noel Gagnard, in Montrachet, is run by Caroline, the only daughter of renowned wine maker, Jean-Noel Gagnard. In a male dominated world, she is not afraid of risks and challenges and has passionately grown the family business. Caroline’s claim to fame is the creation of Cuvée L'Estimée, a delicious blend of red wine. We encourage you to try this wonderful twist on a classic - Domaine Jean-Noel Gagnard L’Estimée 2008, AOC Bourgogne, Chassange Montrachet 100% Pinot Noir.

有谁能够抵御夏山蒙哈榭酒(Chassange Montrachet)的醇香?位于蒙哈榭葡萄园的Domaine Jean-Noel Gagnard酒庄,由著名酿酒大师Jean-Noel Gagnard唯一的女儿Caroline经营,夏山蒙哈榭雷斯汀葡萄酒正产于此。在如今男性占主导地位的时代,Caroline对风险与挑战毫不畏惧,以极大的热情经营着家族产业,她更是以创造出一款名为Cuvée L'Estimée的美味混合红酒而闻名于世。我们极力推荐您品尝这款勃艮第AOC级的Domaine Jean-Noel Gagnard L’Estimée 2008,其为夏山蒙哈榭100%黑品诺。

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Matsutake Mushrooms

It is close to the end of the matsutake mushroom season. These wonderfully rare, highly sought after mushrooms that grow under trees, are a firm favourite at Le Passage. Now you can enjoy them at home as they are available in jars from our shop. To accentuate the mushrooms’ aromatic flavour, cooking is simple. Sauté for 3 – 5 minutes with a splash of olive oil, a little chopped garlic, and salt, then serve with a sprig of parsley. For a more Chinese style, they’re also great in soup.

松茸蘑菇过季的时刻日益临近。这些生长在树下,绝对稀有、备受追捧的蘑菇在莫干山里法国山居更是深受喜爱。您可以在我们的商店里购买到罐装的松茸蘑菇,让您在家中也可以享受美味。为突显蘑菇芳香与风味,烹饪方式应当从简。用一小勺橄榄油煎3-5分钟,加上少许蒜末和盐,最后撒上一些欧芹碎, 便是一道原汁原味的珍馔。松茸也适合烹饪中式菜肴,用于炖汤也同样美味。

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Eastern Grass Owl

For those who enjoy ornithology, or the art of bird watching, Moganshan is an unexpected gem. Discover for yourself the delights that brought ornithologists here in the 18th Century. The bamboo forests and mountain greenery are home to an array of birds, including the Eastern Grass Owl. Be sure to look out for their dark brown or tan upper parts with pale spots, black and tan bars on their wings, a very pale beak, and feathered legs with dark brown eyes.


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Wild Plant Hunting

Moganshan was discovered by, amongst others, European botanists who arrived in the late 1700s and early 1800s. In search of new plants for elaborate gardens back home, they made a singular discovery: roses that bloom year-round. The bamboo forests and mountains are also filled with wild flowers and plants that you would be hard pressed to find in the city. Guests can recapture the spirit of the early Moganshan botanists and search for beautiful and unique plants on the mountainside. We will tell you the best places to go.


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Storytelling 故事会

We are reviving the art and tradition of storytelling here at Le Passage as we have discovered so many previously unknown tales about the area. Join us in the Fireside Lounge on Saturday, October 19 when between 6 and 7pm, Christophe, our resident story teller, will be regaling and revealing tales, both fact and fiction, from Moganshan. Many of the anecdotes have only been passed down by word of mouth through the generations of local Moganshan families, so it is a treat for outsiders to hear.

我们将在莫干山里法国山居举办有关艺术和传统的故事会,因为我们发现了许多关于这片土地不为人知的故事。故事会将于10月19日周六下午 6点到7点间在炉边休息室举办,届时, 司徒夫将作为主讲人为大家讲述关于莫干山或真实或虚构的故事。许多故事只在莫干山本地家族中代代相传,对外来者来说,这绝对是一种享受。

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Fabienne Labeyrie, Our Resident Guru
驻店大师Fabienne Labeyrie

Always looking to improve the experience, our service, and offering, we are delighted to introduce Fabienne Labeyrie. A French native, Fabienne comes from a family steeped in culinary history who were the first commercial producers of foie gras. Fabienne will be bringing her flair and savoir faire to the soon to be opened Le Passage Cooking School. She is a world renowned foie gras expert and loves to teach home-style French cooking techniques and the secrets to a great foie gras. We are thrilled Fabienne has swapped the pine forests of South West France for the Valley of Fairies here in Moganshan.

我们一直在寻求为您带来更好的居住体验,提高我们的服务质量及产品,为此我们很荣幸地向您介绍Fabienne Labeyrie。Fabienne来自法国,她的家族拥有很长的烹饪传统,并且是首个生产鹅肝作为商业用途的家族。现在,Fabienne将带着她的资质与才干来到即将开放的莫干山里法国山居厨艺学校,教授制作家庭式法国料理的方法以及烹饪美味鹅肝的秘诀。对于Fabienne从法国西南部的松木林移植至我们莫干山的仙人坑,我们激动万分!

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Global recognition of Chinese Tea

Our Lounge Bar is aptly named after one of the earliest and foremost Western tea experts, Robert Fortune. This excerpt from his book, Fortune’s Tea Countries of China Vol 1, provides an indication of Fortune’s renown and expertise and the significance of tea from the Moganshan area. “In 1848 I was deputed by the Court of Directors of the East India Company to re-visit China for the purpose of obtaining some tea manufacturers’ implements, and a large collection of tea plants and seeds, from those northern or central districts of the empire where the finest teas are for the European and American markets.”

法国山居的酒廊以一位早期大名鼎鼎的茶叶专家Robert Fortune命名。这位专家在他的《Fortune’s Tea Countries of China Vol 1》一书中,展现出他对莫干山产区茶叶的声望、专业性以及重要性的理解。“1848年,受东印度公司的主管任命,我再次前去走访中国,以获取一些茶叶生产的工具,以及一大批来自中国北部、中部地区的茶叶种植物和种子,而这些最好的茶叶则被运往欧洲与美洲市场。”

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Le Passage Mohkan Shan’s pure and natural concept is created for those who truly appreciate relaxing. This French Luxury Country House Hotel is an elegant blend of modern living and entertainment with a strong sense of pure freedom all while implementing sustainable practices. With a beautiful panoramic view of the countryside scenery, you can enjoy Romantic French Charm at its best.


Le Passage Mohkan Shan is an ideal gourmet destination for fine French cuisine and provides guests with five star service.

-《旅行者》 (World Traveller)


A perfect family holiday location, Le Passage offers a variety of activities that will be sure to please each member of the family.

-《旭茉》 (Jessica)

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